Equestrian Facility Design

Designing a building for people involves lots of conversation. Through questions and observation, we can derive what is needed in a space. When creating an equestrian space though, it requires getting inside a horse’s mind. Luckily, Hoke Ley brings a vast knowledge of horses to the table.

We want your equestrian space to be both functional and beautiful. Whether building a show barn to train a full stable of horses, or just a private space to call your own, we can design what you need.

Specializing as equestrian facility architects, we design everything: the layout of your paddocks, stalls and indoor arena. We know that equestrians do not take the comfort and safety of their horses lightly, and we always set out to create something that pleases both human and horse alike.

To learn more about our approach to equestrian architecture and design, contact us today.