We are dedicated creating inspiring and meaningful architecture.

Hoke Ley is a multi-disciplinary design firm focused on the creation of humane, modern architecture and interior environments. Based in Lawrence, Kansas, we serve the Kansas City area, surrounding Midwest region and country as a whole.

Our design philosophy is bold, yet simple: Improve the lives of people and the quality of our environment through meaningful, inspiring and purposeful design.

We see design opportunities everywhere and believe that the inspiration for timeless design surrounds us. As such, we are talented group of generalists, passionate about creating holistic design solutions that improve our communities, commercial spaces, multi-family housing developments, single-family homes, and more. We believe that design, if stewarded properly, has the power to transform the way we experience and value objects, places, and relationships. This philosophy is embodied in our design processes, and we approach every project with the highest level of care and attention to ensure that these ideals are met.

Through active listening and a "client-first" design framework, we define project goals and cultivate holistic, impactful, and inspiring design solutions — guiding the project from conceptualization to documentation and execution. Through this framework, we create solutions that are both functional and beautiful, and that exceed what was thought possible.

We look forward to putting our collective talents and architectural and interior design expertise to work on your next project.

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