April 22

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April 29

Informational meeting with Q&A

June 14

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June 21

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September 27

PARK(ing) Day 2019



Name *
Phone *
Who else are you working with to create your installation? What is their role in the project?
Provide a written summary of your installation intent and design.
Graphic Representation
Provide a graphic representation of your installation in the form of one or more of the following: 1. Hand drawn floor plan, elevation, and 3D sketch 2. Photo montage 3. Computer model or rendering 4. Photo of a scale model Please demonstrate how your installation will fit within your preferred parking space (approx. 9'-0" W x 18'-0" L). Email to parkingdaylfk@gmail.com The subject line of your email must be in the format of "Title of Installation — Graphic Representation" (i.e. The Purple People Eater — Graphic Representation).
Refer to the map below. List your top 2 choices in order of preference.
Describe how you are using recycled, reclaimed, or reused material and what you plan to do with your installation after the event.
If power is needed for your installation, how are you planning to address this?

Business Sponsorship

Your business should sponsor PARK(ing) Day. Here’s why.

1. It’s affordable

Sponsor — $250

Supporter — $125

2. Show your support

You love Lawrence. You’re all about creativity. Recycling and environmental responsibility are right up your alley. And you want to be a part of new ways to engage with the community and help it blossom. Show Lawrence how much you care.

3. Get exposure

Each Sponsor level donor will receive an individual social media shoutout on the official PARK(ing) Day LFK channels. Your logo will also be highlighted at each of the 10 parking stalls on PARK(ing) Day. Supporter level donors will receive a combo social media shoutout and their business names will also be posted at each of the 10 parking stalls.


Informational Meeting / Q&A

April 29, 2019 at 7:00 pm

832 Pennsylvania Street
Lawrence, KS 66044